Like most writers, I have two lives. When not writing, I specialize in arts administration and teaching. I have six years’ experience with program coordination and team management in higher education and the non-profit sector, along with eight years of teaching experience. Currently I work as full-time Instructor in the English Department at Old Dominion University.

Selected highlights from my arts administration career include:

  • Program Coordinator for the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa: I tripled the size of the creative writing program for youth that I directed, in part because of my implementation of a social media base and targeted outreach that resulted in a 2,000% increase in visits to our landing page (documented by Google analytics). Due to the program’s success I was nominated for the University of Iowa Outstanding Staff Award for 2014.
  • Level Leader, Academic English Department at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology International University (RMIT) in Hanoi, Vietnam: While managing twelve teachers, I was selected by the President of the university to serve on her Executive Team. In that position I was able to contribute to the university’s first Strategic Plan for their campuses in Vietnam.
  • Program Coordinator for the Boise State University Women’s Center: Organized over sixty events, for which I received the Brian Berquist Award for the Advancement of Human Rights.

Please see my creative/academic CV here: Kelly_Morse_CV_8-15-2018

Please see my arts administration resume here: Morse_Arts Administration Resume_2018

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